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South Eastern Michigan Paranormal Investigation Society
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It's official now, the South Eastern Michigan Paranormal Investigators Society is no longer a dream.  The web page is up and working great and we're currently booking some hunts.  Keep checking back to find info on where we'll be and what we've done.

Soon we will have our member stories posted in the bulletin board section of the site. 
SEMPIS goes to school?  We're hopeing to find out soon whether or not we will be allowed to investigate some reportedly haunted buildings on the campus of adrian college...START FREAKIN PRAYIN!

Had a personal experience?  Then please fill out the form below and tell us all about it.  If its a good one and credible then we might even post it here on the site, and if it happened recently we might, ourselves, request permission for an investigation.  And don't hold back on the details, keep it all clean of course, but tell us everything you can about what happened, believe it or not, it will help us investigate in the future.

Full Name:
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Do you believe in ghosts?
If you answered yes to the above question, have you ever experienced a paranormal event?
How old were you when you experienced the event?
describe the event