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SEMPIS was founded by John Kastanis and Lisa Snyder, both of whom have experienced paranormal incidents in their past and are heavily intregued by all things supernatural.  John Is an ordained minister and a practitioner of Za-Zen meditation, Reiki, Aikido, and Buddhism.  Lisa, in her past, has dealt with wicca, Odanism, and long walks on the beach.  Check out our bulletin board for their own personal stories about previous encounters with the supernatural.

S.E.M.P.I.S. founder John Kastanis

South Eastern Michigan Paranormal Investigation Society

Who we are

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The South Eastern Michigan Paranormal Investigators Society

S.E.M.P.I.S. is a group of individuals brought together by one common goal, to figure out what the hell is going on!  We tend to take a more scientific approach to our hunts and are out more to prove that a place is NOT haunted rather than to just find the ghosts said to dwell there.  Heavily inspired by groups such as T.A.P.S we try to not only help the “client” to figure explain the odd events they have experienced, but shed some light on these events overall in the eyes of the world.  We use whatever gear seems fitting to the situation which may include everything from camera’s to compasses to help us investigate and we try to do as much research on the location as possible before even stepping foot in the target areas.  If you would like some help with odd occurrences at your home or any location you have permission to let us on then head over to our contact us page and drop us a line.  If it seems as though we could do some good for you we will happily investigate your location free of charge.

Co-Founder: Lisa Snyder