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South Eastern Michigan Paranormal Investigation Society
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We're interested in hearing from you!

Have questions?  Want to join us on a hunt?  Maybe you feel the need for an investigation...  whatever the case, feel free to contact us.  All investigations are 100% free to the client and names/locations will be kept confidential upon request.  SImply follow the links below to get ahold of one of our members.

Due to the fact that gas is more expensive than gold right now, and we do this job free of charge to you, we have to remain a bit picky about where we go to hunt.  So before you request an investigation from us take a look at our guidlines to saying "sure, we'll come over"
  1. Should be within 35 miles of tecumseh, MI
  2. Include your personal experiences in the e-mail, as well as any known history of the property.
  3. if you have pictures...SEND THEM!
  4. include your name, if you dont tell me who you are, i'm not going to respond.
  5. let us know what you're after by having us come out.  We aren't ghost busters, we're ghost hunters...remember that!


Remember people, these are not rules, just guidlines.  Sticking to all of them doesn't gaurantee you an investigation, and missing a few doesn't mean we're not coming, it all depends on me in the end.

Fell free to drop us a line. PLease though, if you could, write in the purpouse of your e-mail in the subject area...i.e.: question, investigation, tag along. And remember, investigations are free of charge.

Already a paranormal investigator?  Maybe thinking about becoming one?  Either way, if you wish to be affiliated to us simply click the link at the bottom and let us know through e-mail.